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Hello! My name is Brian and I am your host of “Bible in Japan”. I am certainly glad you have stopped by to check out this radio program and hope that you enjoy listening to me as I open the Bible and go through various topics found in the Bible.

You are welcome to email me with any topics that you are interested in, it is quite possible that I will use your topic for a radio show!

If you have a Bible close by please get it out and read along with me as we take a look together at what the Bible says. Gather your family and friends together and let us have a good time as we get into the Bible each and every radio show.

Click on the play button of the player with the title that you are interested in. Please check back often as there are 2 new radio shows every month. (Each radio show is 30 minutes.)

April 2018 Radio Shows:
“Jesus’ Miracle Resurrection”

“Jesus’ Miracle Ascension”

If you prefer to listen to “Bible in Japan” on the radio, here is a list of radio stations that are broadcasting “Bible in Japan”.

Broadcasting Stations

  • FM-KAZZ 88.0MHz(鎌倉市)

  • さいたまCityFM 88.1MHz

  • FM NANIWA 100MHz(大阪)

  • =MBS=FM

  • RadioPiccoro FM78.2MHz

  • さいたまCity FM88.1MHz

  • レディオ与一

  • Japanese Net Radio(海外向けアプリ)


  • TM-FM 87.0MHz(横浜市鶴見区東寺尾)

  • TM-FM 88.1MHz(横浜市神奈川区西寺尾)

  • AM1611ロングタームエボリューション

  • AM1611KHZ(横浜市神奈川区西寺尾)

  • TM-FM 88.1MHz(横浜市神奈川区西寺尾)

  • ドキラジ

  • らぼーぶらぼーねとらじ研究所

If you do not see a local radio station near you listed, please contact them and tell them you would like to hear “Bible in Japan” on the radio. Please give them our email address and have them contact us. A third way that you can listen to us is by finding us online right here.

To listen to past radio shows, please click here. Thank you for your support and keep listening!