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Here is the archive of previous “Bible in Japan” radio shows listed in case you missed one or would like to hear one again.

April 2018 Radio Shows:
“Jesus’ Miracle Resurrection”

“Jesus’ Miracle Ascension”

March 2018 Radio Shows:
“Jesus’ Miracle Bread and Fish”

“Jesus’ Miracle Walk on Water”

February 2018 Radio Shows:
“Jesus’ Miracle Water into Wine”

“Jesus’ Miracle Sins Forgiven”

January 2018 Radio Shows:
“Believer and Disciple Differences”

“The Meaning of Baptism”

December 2017:
“The Meaning of the Song `Joy to the World`”

“The Meaning of the Song `Silent Night`”

November 2017:
“The Meaning of Christmas”

“The Story of Christmas from the Bible”

October 2017:
“Salvation Message”

Kazuo`s Testimony

September 2017 Radio Shows:


August 2017 Radio Shows:
“Differences of a Believer and a Disciples”

“Testimony of God”

July 2017 Radio Shows:
“Saved by Belief in Jesus”

“Having Confidence of Salvation”

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